Using the documentation you will be able to setup a full node on a Linux system (Ubuntu or CentOS).

The recommended way to install a full node is by using the fully automated installation Getting Started Quickly. Please consider using this method rather than the manual method, as it is less error-prone.

The git repository includes all the code of the automated installation using Ansibe Playbook.

The automated installed installs IRI and IOTA peer manager, a web GUI with which you can view your neighbors, add or remove neighbors, view the sync and much more.

In addition, it will install IOTA node monitoring/graphs (grafana).

For help and/or feedback you can create an issue on the git repository, or try to contact me on IOTA’s Discord chat app (nuriel77).

Here are some screenshots from Chris Holliday’s IOTA Exporter., which is installed by default with this installer:

top screen shot middle screen shot bottom screen shot