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The IOTA Full Node Installer (IRI)

Documentation Status

Welcome to IRI-playbook full node installer!

NOTE: Please consider switching to Hornet-playbook <>

To install your node go to Getting Started Quickly.

Watch this video on how simple it is to install a node using the IRI playbook! (credits to discord user TangleAid)

This Installer Includes

  • Fully automated installation
  • Configuration of firewall and security
  • All services running in Docker containers
  • Automatically configure the java memory limits based on your system’s RAM
  • IOTA Peer Manager to manage neighbors
  • iric, a menu-driven utility to help manage the node
  • Serve IOTA Peer Manager and Graphs password protected via HTTPS (secure)
  • IRI metrics and graphs, created by Chris Holliday’s IOTA Exporter.
  • IOTA Caddy PoW middleware, thanks to Luca Moser

Please star the playbook’s repository on github: iri-playbook