IOTA Full Node Installation wiki

Documentation Status

For a “click-‘n-go” installation see Getting Started Quickly.

In this installation

  • Automate the installation
  • Take care of firewalls
  • Automatically configure the java memory limit based on your system’s RAM
  • Explain how to connect a wallet to your full node
  • Install IOTA Peer Manager
  • Make IOTA Peer Manager accessible via the browser
  • Password protect IOTA Peer Manager
  • Install monitoring graphs. Big thanks to Chris Holliday’s IOTA Exporter.

Work in progress

  • Integrate alerting/notifications when node is not healthy
  • Instead of compiling IRI, download the jar to expedite the installation a bit
  • Security hardening steps
  • Make it possible to install graphs for those who already did this installation. At the moment nodejs version will conflict.